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Video Streaming in PHP

by Shiva Prasad


Video streaming in PHP

Video Streaming in PHP : While Youtube is the most popular video streaming website and it broadcasts thousands of Video per day. Antoher example is  Justin, is another video Streaming site which allows anyone to broadcast their own videos through online.

This Video stream developed using PHP and MySQL which is very user friendly to broadcast the videos. Through the video sharing process, users can upload, share and also view the videos uploaded by others. Not only this videos can be edited and uploaded online and has different modules. In this project the different modules that have been provided are administrators, users, web registration and search.

In this script the Visitors can only watch recorded videos. The visitor must register to upload or Broadcast the video. Users must login to access their account features. Only Registered users can upload videos or broadcast the videos. Users can upload and share the videos to other users. The Staff can monitor user uploaded videos for security purpose. The Administrator can manage complete website.

Software Used:

Front end is PHP

Back end is MySQL Server 

Project Benefits:

Download Video Streaming in PHP :

download link

Note: This download link has only modules of the project. It doesn’t have complete project. For complete projects on video streaming refer our recent project article.