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Dfree student projectsear Students, We are the Bangalore based Freelance developer and Student Project training provider. We provide VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, ASP, JAVA, C# Programming, C and C++ programming projects for IT, Diploma and engineering students. We provide the best complete project listing with form design, source code, project report, database structure of live project, mini project, Project guide.

Here we shared a collection of source codes that we wrote in our career as web developer and software engineer. Some of the codes here is not our original work that we found over the Internet and Books. I hope you find our work useful in your learning programming in website and software. Please share our work to other people also who interested to learn the basics of web development and software development.

Email:  freestudentprojects.com@gmail.com

Thank you very much and Happy Productive Programming Everyone.

  • ronak

    plz tips in online examination projects

  • Fikayo

    Can I get likely researchable topics in Counselling or Psychology?

    • admin

      Sorry We are not in that field

  • Choloey

    how to import examination questions from doc. into the database (mysql) using PHP code?
    how to export examination questions from database (mysql) into either PDF or doc. using PHP code?

    • admin

      open php myadmin in that click export…
      Some options are there in that

  • Neeru

    can u provide me complete minor project on online banking system with a feedbak form facility so that if any customer forget his password he can get it automatically through filling the feedback form

    • admin

      PHP Based online banking system already uploaded in this website.

  • Neeru

    can u provide me complete minor project on online banking system.

    •  That project is already uploaded..
      please open php category.. its there..

    • what and all features you want in that

  • sara

    i am not able to send mail to your mail id. it is showing delivery failed,

    you have any other alternative mail id

  • Madan

    project in java “Fingerprint Analysis to determine the age &gender .. Please any help will be greatly appreciated …

    • do you have requirements?

  • Aakash shrivastava

    Can U provide Android Project???

    • We dont have anroid develoopers.

  • bhai shri

    looking for ocr software for scanning handwritten devnagri text ie ancient scriptures to convert them to digital form.

  • Can u provide me the proj based on developing punjabi keyboard in .net

    • admin

      Sorry right now we dont have any developers from panjab.

    • Right now we dont have developers from punjab.

  • deena

    i am bca student doing project on employee management system.i have class called employee with id,name age state city area which i get by querying employee table from mysql databases . now in my front end i nedd cascading dropdown of state,city area ie my first dropdown should display all states when i select any state my second dropdown should populate corresponding cities of this state and when i select city it should populate all areas in that city from databse

  • valli

    hai this sem i start my project pls send some project title

    • Admin

      Which project you are searching Mr. Valli

  • sathish

    hello sir ,i want orphan foundation development system project documentation
    can u provide the documentation

    • administrationfsp

      if you have project source code please send it.. we check and prepare documentation for you.

  • viji

    hello sir..i wish to do my final year project in your company..can u give me a project

    • adminfsp

      Yes offcourse..
      Tell me what project you want to develop

  • why is it deleted my comment here, i’m just asking only why is it the same script in phpsocial.com in the st. philomina social network here? who is the true author of this?

  • i’m just asking only a question?

  • susan ngau

    could you please help me on how to download this project and its source codes.help me through my email:susanngau@ymail.com

  • girish

    hi sir as such i need ur help in making a restaurant project which is conceptual nd its all based on the fish concept …i want the help to make dis kind of project im vry much blank abt dis topic nd i jus thought to make a restaurant which will jus cater only fish with different varities nd difeerent kind of fish preparation so kindly revert ur ideas as soon as possible thanking you
    Girish kadam

  • Darshan

    Give me a full project of Online electronic Shope in PHP

  • usman akram

    Dear sir,i want to develope a project in c++ programing of any type,but at begner level.

  • ajaysingh.npt@gmail.com

    I am MBA student. i need a network related project and synopsis. please help.

  • sujatha

    Sir can you please provide sap fico project

  • sk
  • pppmm

    i have a project can anyone help me to complete

  • Induja Ganeshan

    F1Sourcecode.com is a free source code and resource site. The main purpose of this website is to provide free and complete source code where students, programmers or developers can come to learn and share their code and knowledge with others.


    • Thank you.. Nice site..

  • mutamuta gilbert

    i am Mutamuta gilbert doing project on An online internship supervision system that has entities Academic supervisor, field supervisor, student and internship coordinator, could you generate for me ERD and DFD for the above and the source codes to my email:gilbertmutamuta@gmail.com

  • Tatianer Brender

    hi admin, ad like to write my final year project on procurement…could you please recommend a topic that i can develop and tips on how to write a good one


    am working on a project on security system that involves electronics can i get source codes and projects that help me

  • kavitha

    Give me a full project of training and develpoment


  • rohit

    sir i want College Management System in visual basic 6.0 Project report

    • Reports are same for vb and php.. WE have uploaded student information system report. Kindly download it.

  • Sagar Galwade

    sir i want complete project including synopsis,source code and running software of college student enrollment system or airline reservation system

  • mridani singh

    sir I download your java and access project how to run it pls provide complete details I am newer to project ans pls as soon as its urgent


    pls i need full php documentation on patient medical records
    management system
    am using php as front and mysql as end. email is oseifosup@gmail.com

  • Hima Harindran

    pls i need project on catering management system a mini project on C++

  • rehmanali

    plz i need hostel management system on c# plz help me


    Pls I need full documentation on orphan foundation management system. I am using php as front end & my sql as back end. My email is – flency23@gmail.com

  • Charan Kumar

    I am getting a few errors while hosting my php project “online eye care system ( optomate )”