21 Jun '17

Android Project Idea – Download Manager

Download Manager is a computer program that is used for downloading and uploading the files from the internet for storage. Some download managers can be used to download the files from the multiple sources. The download manager is present in the web browser as one of the feature but there is no guarantee that all the information required will be downloaded properly. But this feature is overcome by the Download manager application where you will be able to download the required information properly without any issue. You can develop a Download Manager Android Project to which helps in downloading the files that you need in a more precise way.

Android Project Idea - Download Manager

Download Manager Android project helps you to download the files in a smarter way. This project can be considered as one of the eminent project for the final year engineering students. You cannot always use a laptop for downloading the files that you need. But it is possible if you have an android phone. You may not carry the laptop all the time with you, but through the Android phone having the Download Manager application installed in it, you will be able to download any kind of files in a smarter way. Just install some of the Download Manager applications available and list out the merits and demerits of it. You can use the demerits of the other application as the merit of your own Download Manager android application.  You may enter the URL that needs to be downloaded to the particular destination file. Some Download Manager Apps also supports the batch downloading.  It also allows downloading the files from multiple sources at once. Some of the features of the Download Manager Android Project are as follows:

  • Downloading facilities
  • Downloading accelerated by multithreading features
  • Resuming facility
  • Links fetching from the browser and clipboard

Download project from www.sourcecodefiles.com

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