Ping pong Android Game

Ping pong Android Game

Ping pong is very famous game in the world. Pong is a mobile application for android platform same like the ping pong. User can play pong on their android smart phones. This project developed using Android Technology.

Ping pong Android Game
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Ping pong Android Game
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A simple android game named as pong is the simulation of ping pong.

The main screen gives three options

1: Single Player

2: Two Player

3: Player

When user select One player the opponent is computer and each player has three lives the main task is the player to bounce the ping pong ball by sliding the slide bar and if he miss it he lose one life who loses all lives he is loser and the other player is winner. User can also pause the game while playing.

When user select two players option than he have to handle both seek bars, and when he select no player user is only audience game is auto played .

Tools and Technology:

  • Eclipse
  • Java
  • Android

This game is only for android base mobiles and can be played on all available android versions.

Download source code:

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