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E-Voting System


In the E-Voting System the people can cast their vote through online. In this system the administrator adds all voters list in the database. After adding the administrator provides login details with voter id to the users. The voters can vote for the candidates by entering their login id and password. The admin can schedule voting times with date and time. The voters can’t vote after the expiry date. At the end the system displays result immediately after voting.

E-Voting System

Modules of the project:

Security levels: To decrease voter frauds this voting system has two levels of security. One is the voters must login to the website to vote. Another is user must enter Voting ID to vote.

Programming language: This web page is designed using ASP.NET and SQL server as backend. The ASP pages connected to SQL server So all the record stores in SQL database.

Future scope of the project: Security level is more important for this project. In future we can add face recognition feature and bio-metric features to increase further security.

Download link for E-Voting System :

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