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Chennemane Gaming Software


Chennemane Gaming Software – Chennemane is a traditional folk game. It is played on a wooden board with two parallel rows of pits. Nowadays all the games are computerized but Chennemane is left out. So we are implementing this in computer to spread over the world.

Chennemane Gaming Software

Chennemane Gaming Software

Front end tool- C#.NET 2005

Back end tool- SQL 2005


Hardware Requirements

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Brief Description

1. On his turn a player distributes the contents of one of his holes in the ensuing holes, one by one, in a counterclockwise direction. If the last seed falls into an occupied hole and the next hole is empty, the contents of the succeeding hole are lifted. Now another player gets the opportunity to play. If he gets only one seed, it is called “Puyinka” else it’s known as “Bule”.

2. If the last seed in hand is placed into a murte, its contents become wanasu (“meal”), that is, all four seeds are captured and put in the player’s store.

3. Afterwards the player continues his move by distributing the seeds of the following hole.

4. The move ends when the last seed is placed in an empty hole, when the hole following a wanasu is empty or after an atappe play.

5. The game is played until a player can demonstrate at his turn that in four consecutive draws he does not have to place a seed in one of his opponent’s holes. That player wins the seeds that are still remaining on the board.


6. The player who captured more seeds has won the round.

7. The successive rounds are played by filling the holes on the player’s side with his winnings.

8. The game is over when at the end of three rounds. The winner will be the one who captures more number of seeds. The phrase to claim victory is poli maipunu (“plunder”).

The game is for two players.

1. The object of the game is to give each player 28 manjutti beads.

2. The first player, who wins the toss puts in each circular hole (‘mane’ or ‘home’) even number (say 4) of beads at a time and continue till u run out of your beads.

3. And then if you are left with odd numbers of beads in one of the holes those beads go to your opponent player and vice versa.

4. The person ends with all the opponents’ beads or more number of beads is the winner!

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