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Real Estate Management System

by Shiva Prasad


Real Estate Management System

This Real Estate Management System is the software application developed for real estate companies. Now a days most real estate companies are still using traditional way to manage data through books or file systems(excel sheets). This project aims at developing an efficient info management system for real estate industry, client management and maintaining the property listings. In this project we have implemented many features like entry/search, match, property manager and reports Generation based on clients requirement.

Project category: RDBMS (relational database management system)

Front end: C#.NET

Back end: SQL server 2008


Modules and Description:

Login page: This page contains login information admin and user can login by entering the Login ID and Password.

Home page: Home page contains the name and logo of the company and it can also contain the menus which user can perform the task.

Client Module: In this module, we are going to do client entry, client update, and client delete and client search.

Owner Module In this module, we are going to do owner entry, owner update, owner delete and owner search.

Agent Module: In this module, we are going to do agent entry, agent update, agent delete and agent search.

Builder Module: In this module, we are going to do builder entry, builder update, builder delete and builder search.

Property Module: In this module, we are going to do property entry, property update, property delete and property search.

Match Module:

  1. Property Match: In this module, whatever property matches for client that will be showing.
  2. Client Match: In this module, whatever client matches for property that will be showing.

Report Module: In this module, we generate report for client, agent, owner,builder and property.

Create User Module: In this module is used for only for Admin purpose for creating user and for that particular user provide the Authentications.


Download Source Code:

download project code

Complete report of this project is available in Project Report Menu.