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We provide latest technology projects for students of BE/ME/Diploma/MCA and others in all the branches. We are versatile in training students on various technologies, We are doing it successfully for the past 5 years. If you want to discuss more about this projects please visit to our Office or send us your requirements in the Contact us form.

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  • vijay mishra

    foreman new job vijay mishra bhutan

  • Minhaj


  • bobby

    I need a project in simulation of car to car communication consortium

    • Yes i have this project..kindly share your email id. i will send you this project by mail

  • Israr Ahmed

    i am mechanical student send the related project

    • Kindly send me the project topic. I will send you the project.

  • Yashpal Modi

    plz send me project on ERestaurant

    • Ok..Please send your email id. I will forward e restaurant management system.

  • Jay Andrew

    Has anybody found a way to contact the actual authors of some of these projects? I would love to speak to the people that did the Online banking project about doing some contract work for me… is there a way to find them?

  • happiness sinenkosi sibanda

    i need to come up with a project on noise induced hearing loss in a heavy industrial area. plz help

  • Bettie chelangat

    plz realy need a documentation of this project someone help me

  • Nicholas Nganga

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    Dear Partners,

    Service in Kenya Programme’
    is a dynamic project of ‘Education
    Supplements International’.

    programme specialises in year-round volunteer abroad projects,
    available for 2 weeks to 6 Months in Africa. (Enquiries from those
    wishing to volunteer for more than 6 months, for example 1 to 2 years
    are also welcome.)

    At the moment our team
    organises programmes through our partner organizations in Kenya,
    Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania and South

    the ‘Voluntary
    Service in Kenya Programme’ placement
    experience starts with one day of language & cultural immersion
    giving volunteers an understanding of language basics, local culture,
    regional & local issues, & way of life before starting the

    In Kenya we are focusing on 6
    major volunteer projects:

    in orphanages,

    English in rural schools,


    and entrepreneurship programmes,


    Education & Healthcare.

    Service in Kenya Programme’ works
    with a network of over 50 local and international NGOs, orphanages,
    and community projects. Volunteers contribute to capacity needs of
    local communities and we are happy to continue offering meaningful
    placement for our valuable international volunteers.

    have our own facilities and experienced staff. The uniqueness of our
    programme is while we give importance & priority to the community
    service that volunteers enlist in, we also blend tourism, cultural
    immersion and adventure into the programme, making volunteering with
    us an exciting, lifetime experience! We are in discussion with some
    European & American Universities to develop internship programmes
    for college students so they may get credit for participation in
    focused areas of study.

    We are committed to providing a
    meaningful volunteer abroad program that is both fun & practical
    and safe & educational.

    Impact in ‘Voluntary
    Service in Kenya Programme’
    has acknowledged that volunteers make a big difference in the lives
    of community members by enhancing self-esteem, learning, sharing
    experiences and skills. It also helps the volunteer in learning or
    developing new skills that could give tangible work-experience to
    enable volunteers to access the job market more easily while being
    motivated and having a sense of achievement.

    Volunteering enables one to
    meet a diverse range of people; developing one’s interpersonal
    skills. Volunteers provide assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic
    groups within African communities, focusing primarily on orphaned
    children, HIV/Aids groups, the Maasai people, and school children.

    As a volunteer in Kenya you can
    provide love, affection, education & support to disadvantaged
    children. You will help to improve education in schools ensuring
    children learn and flourish. As a volunteer you can practice and
    teach preventative healthcare, and hygiene. You will also provide
    education, inter-cultural exchange and understanding in African

    the Voluntary Service in Kenya programme you have a unique
    opportunity to learn a different way of living & culture, and to
    experience the traditional Kenyan diet.

    Accommodation in home stays and
    on-site have been selected to ensure volunteer well-being and
    comfort, to maintain safety and security, and to give an insight into
    Kenyan life.


    weeks – $US 400

    weeks – $US 500

    weeks – $US 700

    weeks – $US1,000

    weeks – $US1,100 Longer Term
    – Negotiated Rates

    included in the package?

    Accommodation: Home stay or onsite at the community project.

    Meals: Breakfast and dinner.

    3. Project Donation: Included.

    4. Airport pickup: On arrival date

    5. Training: In-country training and orientation.

    6. Supervision: In-country staff supervision.

    7. Support: Pre-departure personal support from your volunteer
    coordinator, 24/7 in-country support from partners, and 24hr
    emergency line.

    8. Personalized Local Guide and Volunteer Care and Other Services

    9. Emergency support

    Certificate of Appreciation on Completion

    Interns get professional assistance to write report or project

    If you
    are looking for once-in-a-lifetime
    relaxation and enjoyment, Kenya is certainly the place to be.

    When you are not busy helping
    in the volunteer programme, you can laze away on our soft sandy
    beaches on the coast, enjoy the magnificent view of the snow peaked
    Mount Kenya, sample diverse habitats in the breathtaking Rift Valley,
    enjoy our abundant wildlife in the renown latest Eight World Wonder
    Maasai Mara and satisfy your curiosity at the tantalizing Lake
    Victoria islands.

    While you are in Kenya, we will
    go out of the way to make you feel at home because that’s the way we
    all like it! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.

    Ng’ang’a – Executive Director

    Supplements International

    P.O Box 3305,



    (+ 254) 020 352 8347

  • jeeva

    i need education loan management system project….how to download?

  • emmanuel mulei

    Hi i need help becoz i downloaded the student information system but it is not running and my semester has only 2 weeks left and am based on that topic pliz help

    • What error it displaying?

  • chaitra

    can u please send me insurance management mini project please for bca 5th sem i need the synopsis also please.

  • kamalraj

    am kamalraj i need project in vehicle parking

    • Kindly send me requirements. I will help you regarding this..

  • joseph kiongera

    Am a student in business management looking for a good written project.

    • Sorry.. Currently we not offering any MBA Projects

  • emmanuel mulei

    pliz help me with the documentation og student inf system

    • Student info system documentation already published in this site. Kindly download from that.

    • We already published this in our website kindly check it.

  • Kasman

    plz guide me my project car parking management system

    • Do you have requirements?

    • How can i help you in this?

      • Kasman

        Help me with the documentation of Car Parking Management System.

        • What you need in the documentation. Kindly send me project idea. I will prepare documentation for you..

  • romz

    can i ask your help , it is for thesis , documentation of school website/ tnx poh.

    • School management system document uploaded in this site. Kindly click on the download link to download complete documentation

      • romz

        Hello POh shiva, i try to search the School management system document, but the result is class scheduling and time tabling system .. and also also i use Java to PHP poh.

        • ok i will send you complete project with source code. send me your email id.

      • rozer

        but database link not available

  • gaurav

    car showroom with php as front end and mongodb as back end….

  • you can send your project requirement ,we will develop the java project for you.Here is e-mail :

    • Vishnu Madav

      this is is very costly or freely

  • Vermahi

    Hi…I need help on Apartment management system project.

    • ok.. Tell me how can i help you in this apartment management system

      • Vermahi

        Started doing this project with as front end and back end with SQL.
        Finding difficulty in coding part. Is it possible i can get any help or the project code, either in C# or

      • Vermahi

        Started this project but getting difficulty in the coding part. Is it possible I can get any help or code either with or

      • Vermahi

        Started this project but getting difficulty in the coding part. Is it possible I can get any help or code either with or

  • Yes definitely.. Tell me how can I help you?

  • Right now we have one developers and 3 developers

    • Vermahi

      Can you please develop and provide me this Apartment management system project code either with or

    • Vermahi

      Can you please develop and provide me this Apartment management system project code either with or

    • Vermahi

      Can you please develop and provide the source code of the project in

      • We have developed some source codes in But maximum students prefer for their final year project.

        • Vermahi

          Yeah, I agree with you. Can you provide the developed source code in

  • Please send us requirements to we develop software according to your requirements.

    • Vermahi

      I have already sent the requirements for the Apartment management project to Please have a look and let me know.

    • Nas

      Hi Siva Prasad…i hav doubt in your social networking project..I hav errors telling to change mysql to mysqli..Help me pls..

  • Already reply sent

  • I will check and tell

  • Mike

    Hi I’m working on a project for my systems design class and need to create a feasibility Analysis matrix and need to fined out a maximum and minimum price of a small store Point of sales inventory system my project considers to prebuilt systems and one being built do you have any priceing lists I could go by???







  • sara

    hi i need help on implemeting clinical management system

  • lewis123321

    how can i execute the crime file management system please answer

  • Divya

    Hi, My project is to do forensic analysis investigation. by taking a dummy data sets of any crime which includes details, evidences based on time stamp. I have do do investigation of how, when ,who, where the crime done. this has to do done in java code. Any crime we can take. cyber crime is also ok. data sets may be very simple. thats no problem. Please anyone help me to do this project

  • Divya

    if u have source code of forensic manager please send me.

  • asdfg

    can any one send me the coding part for ACTIVE CITY ADMINISTRATION

  • hemphire

    hi,can anyone help me with
    or send me a research project for world cuisines

  • nicholas

    Can you help me with an assignment? Introducing the concepts of CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete). To make a note taking app and persisting the data to a file instead of a database. A local environment running XAMPP is needed. There has to be a page that lists all the notes, from there the user can view/add/edit or delete any note. We will not be using a database to store the persistent data. We have to persist the data using a file on file system. Let me know if you can help !

  • Rafe Ng

    Hi, I need help with my final year project
    can you develop a system while remoting my laptop using teamviewer because of the card reader and 1k mifare card i having?
    Project tittle:Secure profiling with student attendance system
    1)Student sign attendance using RFID card reader and 1k mifare card
    2)while signing the attendance,the program shows the student picture
    3)lecturer can view the student attendance
    4)admin can register new student with new card
    5)lecturer can view the student information
    urgent, please help me
    Thank you

    • Rafe Ng

      Software I am using:microsoft visual basic 2015
      database:microsoft access

  • Grü Drü

    hey admin can u send me the link for “online clinic booking system” in php web application base papers.

  • Nttb Sowonoye

    Pls help me i need database for this project , am doing my final project and i most submmit before monday,
    project name:

    Cargo portalpls help me God will help you all
    this my email
    help me and God will help you too with more knowledge and understanding thank you