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MBA Project PPT Presentation

by Shiva Prasad


MBA Project PPT Presentation

In this article we shared MBA Project PPT Presentation of PROJECT REPORT ON F & B PRODUCTION AND SERVICE AT HOTEL SEA PRINCESS, MUMBAI. This article helps MBA students to prepare PPT presentation. This PPT presentation gives brief description of MBA project. The MBA graduates can refer this for knowledge purpose.

MBA Project PPT Presentation :

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This PPT presentation uploaded by is only for training purpose. We have uploaded sample data inside this ppt to explain our students. Kindly don’t submit this for your real time projects. This power point presentation is only for knowledge purpose. But you can change this according to your requirements.

This PPT Covers:

Earlier we have published many MBA projects with documents of project report. Recently we uploaded Impact of Current Assets on Working Capital .

Some of MBA Project topics are:

  1. Human Resource Management based project
  2. International Business Management based projects
  3. Foreign Direct Investments in Developing Countries
  4. Finance Management based projects
  5. The Impact of Working Capital Management on Cash Holdings
  6. A report on study of international marketing
  7. Project Finance as a Tool for Growth
  8. A Study on Corporate Term Loan at Industries
  9. A Study on Financial Performance Analysis in Milk production company
  10. A Study on Performance Analysis and Ranking of Mutual Funds

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