31 Dec '11

Shiva Prasad

Hello all, I am collecting resources from different sources and Our freelance developers are developing VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, ASP, JAVA, Android projects, C# Programming, C and C++ programming projects for IT, Diploma and engineering students.


Online Examination System


Online Examination System

This is an PHP – MySQL Based Online Examination System. Here Administrator creates Exam. First administrator creates different subject , then he uploads question and multiple choice answers. Administrator provides login information to Students.  Complete project with database uploaded in this article. This project is developed for diploma students.

Online Examination System

Front End : PHP 5.0

Back End : MySQL Server

Download Online Examination System project source code

Note: The database accidentally deleted from this project source code. We have re developed this project and upload in PHP category. Kindly download Updated source code and Mysql database of this project. If any queries please post messages in comment box.

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  • Jerry Saint Little

    thank you all open source programmers and supporters… you are the best.

  • Kennedy

    Hi, somebody to help me with the database for this project.


    thanq soooooooooo much sir…….which is very useful for students

  • Aruna

    Sir, any documentation on the report and coding, thanks.

    • admin

      Yes our project students prepared documentation of Online Examination.
      I will upload all the documentation after their Examination

      • aniket

        hey what is the root password…its encrpted

      • toriola

        admin pls how can i get the database

  • praveen

    can you please provide me the documentation for Online Examination Syaytem asap..Here your efforts is really helpful for all..thanks alot…
    Looking forward for your response…


    • admin

      Documentation of Online Examination System is already uploaded..
      Please check previous months article

      • http://www.facebook.com/haniya.khan.37 Haniya Khan

        sir can u tell the path of th page where i can find sql file easily….

      • MANISH

        previous months article??????????????????????????????????

  • Devinder Singh

    I have download your project. But i dont know which databases i require to create in Mysql. Plz tell me this.

    • admin

      Database backup is already uploaded in this project folder..
      its extension is .sql
      You have to restore that database in your mysql server

      • yogesh

        Please confirm, database file not dound

        • admin

          yes database is missing in this. our students didnt taken backup of database. hope we resubmit this project next week..
          thanks for informing to us.

      • santosh

        Sir , i am not getting ur dabase can u please send me Database file on borsesantosh7789@gmail.com

      • Jems

        Thanks for the project but there is no database could you please send me jemesj0@gmail.com. Thanks a lot

      • reza

        plsssssss give databases.it’s humble request.

  • pratik

    I have download your project. But i dont know which databases i require to create in Mysql. Plz tell me this.

  • Pratikpatel

    I have download your project. But i dont know which databases i require to create in Mysql. Plz tell me this.

  • Shafiq Rehman

    where is the download link? when i click on download image button it only shows me google drive nothing please provide the valid script link with documentation

    • http://www.speakasiaonline.mobi/ Admin

      i havent given valid link..
      there is some problem..
      i will rectify that issue soon

  • Rcknegi

    unable to find any database file, i mean .sql file. It only contains one sqllite database file

  • Umerkarippol

    please anyone give me the database sql file of this project.

    • http://www.speakasiaonline.mobi/ Admin

      can you tell me name of the project and front end and backend

  • Praveen Dhyani

    please provide the database file and a valid link

  • http://www.nielit.in Praveen Dhyani

    Please provide the valid link to download and most important the database file.
    Thanks a lot

  • http://www.nielit.in Praveen Dhyani

    Hey, If possible provide the database for mysql. PHP is best with mysql.

  • http://gravatar.com/careermatrix careermatrix

    plz provide the database file of the project

    • admin

      yes.. its in sql format uploaded in that download option

  • yogesh

    .sql file not found , Please attached it

  • yogesh

    Please send me .sql file for online project on my mail id. i am not able to found in zip file.

    • admin

      Here we have uploaded database backup. there is no sql file in this.

  • Devinder Singh

    Please send me MySql Database files to run this project properly in my email id.

  • rahul

    please tell me the schema and er diagram of this project

  • supratim

    Sql File not found.I think all guys are seeking that.Pls Admin,Share Database without that this project cant be runned.If possible,pls send sql file to supratim.banerjeekol@gmail.com my email.Thanks in advance.

  • joseswag

    where is the db? Please email me the db.I will appreciate so much.

  • Chirag

    Can you please send me this project.

  • Niraj Singh

    can u provide its database

  • please please

    database please

  • Pratik

    Hey, couldnt find the sql db backup in the rar file above. please could you tell me where can i find it?

  • anil patel

    dear admin.database file is not available in the project folder.plz upload database file.and send database file to my email anil00744@gmail.com. thanks

  • Naved

    im not able to install DB of this project how i can import this database?

  • toriola

    please i need the db

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      Dont worry.. I will reupload complete project as soon as possible


    tnx for every knowledgeable things …….

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      Thanks prashanth



    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      Sorry.. The database missing. Dont worry.. I will re upload complete project as soon as possible

  • tarun

    Sir , i am not getting ur dabase can u please send me Database file on tarunmittal15@gmail.com

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      Dont worry.. I will re upload complete project as soon as possible

  • nirat

    please send the database for online exam on my id:nirat@softhunters.in

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      We have already sent

  • Rakesh Kumar

    please send the database for online exam on my id:rakeshkumar.it14@jecrc.ac.in

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      We will upload online examination system project in this site.

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Shiva Prasad

      Database is missing in this project.. I will re upload complete project with database as soon as possible