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Part 2 – Train4Aptitude

by Shiva Prasad


Aptitude problems are an important part of competitive examinations. Aptitude Problems on concepts of time, speed, distance manifested either in the form of Problems on trains or stream and boats or simply a generic example involving cars, bicycle etc. The key to solving the problems is effectively visualizing the scenario given, and translating the problem that is described into equations which could then be worked on to solve problems.

Following are this week’s videos to help you train yourself on aptitude.


Problems on Trains

A video explaining how to find the length of the trains given speed and the time to cross a pole. 

Link to video:

Difficulty level: Easy


Problems on Streams and Boats

A video explaining how to find the time taken by the boat moving downstream given speed of the boat, speed of the stream and the total distance between source and journey. 

Link to video:

Difficulty level: Easy


Generic problems on time and distance

Video explain how to solve the following problem – a train travelling x% faster than car between two towns a certain distance‘d’ away from each other. Time of reaching is same by train and car, but difference due to stops of train for ‘t’ minutes is given. Expected to find – the car’s speed. 

Link to video:

Difficulty level: Medium

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