College Management System in PHP

This College Management System project developed using PHP programming language. The main aim of this project is to develop an online website which covers all the details of college i.e; Student attendance details, Event details, Students fees transaction details, Marks details, Photo gallery, etc. Admin is the Super user of this project. All the record stores in MySQL Database. The proposed software will also reduce the cumbersome paper work, manual labor as well as communication cost.

Here we provide entire project source code of College Management System  and database for free download:-

Download link

Project developed using:

Project Designed using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and AJAX.
Project Code developed using PHP programming language.
All the database record stores in MySQL Database.

The different types of users are:
1. Administrator or admin
2. Students

The administrator is the main user of this web application project and he provides unique user name and password to their students. Users can login to the website by entering valid user Name and Password.

College Management System in PHP

Following are the modules of the project:
1. Students module
2. Marks module
3. Attendance module
4. Events module
5. Admin module
6. Settings module
7. Course module
8. Photo Gallery module