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Responsive Design One Page Website


In this article we shared Responsive Design One Page Website template with source code. Now a days Responsive web design is popular and most of the company website developed using responsive design. The responsive web design is the design which supports good look on all devices. To design this website we have used html, css and jquery codings.

Responsive Design One Page Website

We can create responsive design using w3.css . Designing mobile friendly website is bit difficult but with the logic we can create any kinds of website. This uploaded source code works in Mobile phone, Tablet PC, laptop and in desktop pc’s. Even this website works user friendly in all pc’s. This is developed using HTML, CSS codings.

This is one page website where all four menu opens in single website. We have created home page, About us, Projects and Contact Us page. In the Home page we have uploaded project details, in the about us page we have inserted about our company detail, In the projects page all the projects can be viewed and in the contact information added.

Benefits of the project:

Used Language: html and css

Download link:

download project

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