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Screenshots of Administrative Management System


Here we uploaded Screenshots of Administrative Management System. The download link of this screenshot is in the bottom of this page. This screenshot will display the skeleton of the project which helps to design the project. The description of the screenshot given below the image.

Screenshots of Administrative Management System

Administrative Management System
This is the teaching staff form. This form is used to store teaching staff’s departmental information’s.
This is the non teaching staff information form. In this form we are storing non teaching staff information.
This is the Teaching staff salary form.  On click of Calculate Net salary it will calculate staff’s net salary amount.
This is the change password form. •	On click of the change password button it will set the new password by replacing old password. If the current password is not matching it will not replace with new password.
This is the form to login “Administrative Management System” environment. To go to the main page user need to login with a valid user name and password.  If entered login id and password not valid the system displays alert message that "Entered login id and password not valid."
The main form will display the Options like Course Detail, Student Detail, Staff Detail, Department Detail, Salary Detail, Generate reports, Quick Search , Help, Admin , Exit. This is the main form which displays after the login.
This is the Department Detail Form: This form Adds, updates, Views, etc. the Departments Details
This is the Course Information Table. This form works on Information’s about the course.
This is the Student personal Detail form. Using this  Form we can store students personal information’s while admission.

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Here we uploaded only screenshots of the project. For project source code kindly check in the projects link. If you need any further assistance with this project kindly post your queries in the comment box.