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Final Under Graduate Project Review

by Shiva Prasad


 Final Under Graduate Project review

Dear all, Third and Final Project review for final year UG  students are planned on 28th – 30th. List is enclosed with this mail. Students should bring full demo with final ppt with guide initial in project diary. Students should meet the guide  before final review atleast 3 times and it should be initial by guide in the project diary. Student should also submit the sample project document initial by their respective guide. Sample project report is attached with this mail. Project diary  and abstract (hard copy) should be submitted on that day without fail. Final ppt is as follows:

I slide – Title with student name and guide name

II slide – Abstract ( Only points )

III slide – Problem defn

IV Slide – Existing and Proposed system

V slide – Architecture Diagram

VI Slide – Overall Module Description

VII slide – Module 1 Description

VIII slide – Module 1 Snapshot

Continue the VII and VIII slide content for rest of the modules

IX slide – Conclusion

X slide – References ( Atleast 6 ). Students should able to answer.