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Employee Association System



This Employee Association System is developed for bank employees. In smaller businesses, if employees have any problems they can talk directly to their manager. However, in larger businesses that employs many people, it becomes extremely hard to do so. It is also hard for the management to make decisions when they have about 1000 employees. Employee Association System project saves the managements lot of time because they do not have to see individual employees to discuss problems.

This project we develop for 24X7 bank and it provides several benefits for 24X7 bank employees association. The benefits of this system is:

Project Title:
Employee Association System


Project category:

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) + Web portal 

Project platform:

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL Server 

Project modules:

Subscription module: Every employee will have to pay an annual subscription charge. Employees can access website features after making the payment.

Account module: This module is for employees where employee can login to the website by entering login id and password. After login the employees can change their password and profile details.

Discussion forum: This discussion forum could be an ideal place to establish communication and it keeps all the discussion records for future reference.

News and Announcement module: In this module the management can post latest news and they can post events or meeting schedules. The bank employees can view latest news and events.


Training module: In this module it contains training materials uploaded by management. This training material will help for new employees and existing employees

Mail : It has 3 sub modules, i.e; Inbox, Compose message, and sent messages. In this module employees can send mails to the management.

Dashboard: This module is for the management where management can control all the activities of 24X7 Bank Employee association system. 


Future scope and further enhancement of the project:


Developing and implementing the perfect Employee association system for bank is important. So we are developing user friendly web portal with PHP and MySQL database.

Download the source codes in