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Office Management System


Office Management System

The software Office Management Systems objective is to provide a system which manages the office activities using a computer within a fraction of seconds. The software stores all the important data’s like a manual file keeping system through a database. This automated system is user friendly and error free. Paper work and manual power can be reduced using this automated system.


The software to be produced is on “Office Automation System”. As the name suggests this is something related to the company or to the institution office. Here there are mainly 2 users i.e. Admin and the employee.  When Admin signs in, the welcome page is different and the welcome page is different for the employees. Admin provides username and password to the employee through which they can log in and use the system. He also has the right to add or modify the given username and password of the employee. The Admin also saves the complete employee details in the database. Admin has the security code while he signs in for the security purpose which will be known only to the Admin. Admin can assign tasks to the employee through the network based system. The notifications or the task assigned can be viewed by that particular employee to whom the task has been assigned when he signs in. Any complaint by the employee can be sent to the Admin.

Admin also has the authority to calculate the net salary for each employee depending on their attendance and basic salary and a pay slip will be generated. The employees can even apply for leave using the system. There are only a limited leaves in a month. Exceeding the limit n employee cannot apply for leave. The leave notification will be sent to the Admin. The Admin has a special feature of viewing periodic reports like the number of tasks assigned, number of tasks completed, salary report etc. All the information will be saved safely in the database.

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Office management system