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Vehicle Showroom Project report

by Shiva Prasad


online vehicle showroom project report

Here we uploaded Vehicle showroom Project report with Synopsis, SRS(software requirements specification), System design, Table design, Detailed design, Testing, Screenshot and user manual of the project. SRS contains Software requirements and hardware requirements of the project. System design explains the complete structure of the project. Table design has ER diagram and Table structure. This document prepared in standard IEEE format.

project synopsis

This project is aimed at developing a Web application that depicts Online Vehicle Showroom and booking vehicles through online. Customer can register to this site and he/she can book vehicles by entering his login information. Administrator is the main user of this system and he can add employees and new vehicle details. Read More>>

project srs

The main purpose of this Online Vehicle Showroom is that it provides provision to customers to buy or book vehicles through online. The current system is offline system, in this to purchase vehicle the customer should visit to showroom. Read More>>

system design

This Online Vehicle Showroom system design aims to identify and modules that should be in the system, the specifications of these modules, and how they interact with each other to produce the desired result. Read More>>

table design

This project contains 8 tables , i.e; Vehicle , Tax, Showroom, sales, image, dealer, customer, admin. MySQL database used to created tables and it stores all the records of vehicle showroom. Read More>>

vehicle showroom detailed design

The Detailed design of this project is attached in this page with different modules that have been specified during the system design or coding for the module can be developed such that specification of the module may be given precisely. Read More>>

software testing

Testing is part of project it check project design and project coding. The test cases attached in this page. Read More>>

project screenshot

It contains screenshot of the project. Read More>>