Online Bookstore Project

Online Bookstore Project

Online Bookstore Project is a very nice student project and neatly designed project developed using PHP and MySQL. This project has category and subcategory modules. Before adding products we have to add category and sub category. Customer can purchase books by adding books in the cart. In the view cart menu customer can view order details.

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Customer needs to register to the website by entering profile details. To purchase books customer has to login to the website by entering login id and password. Search option has given to search books. All the books are categorized with main category and sub category.

The system has admin module where admin can add different types of categories, sub categories, books, etc. Even Admin can view book order. Even admin has to login to the website by entering login id and password. The admin has full authority of the website.

The project has following modules:

Mainly the project has 8 modules.

  • Category module
  • Sub Category module
  • Books Records module
  • Admin module
  • Customer module
  • Login module
  • Registration module
  • Book orders module

Programming Language:

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL

Video demonstration:

Here is the video demonstration. We explained in detail about this project. The videos are divided 4 parts which explains introduction about the project, Search, Registration, View book options in project, admin, purchase and billing modules.

Online Bookstore – Introduction


Online Bookstore – Search, Registration, View books


Online Bookstore – Admin module

Purchase and Billing module

Registration and Cart module:

Future scope of the project:

  • We can add some more additional features to this project
  • SMS based alert system can be added after purchasing the book.
  • Seller wise books can be maintained in the future.

Note: Book_store is the folder name and import the book_store.sql is the database backup and configure database in config.php.