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Call center management system

by Shiva Prasad


The project Call Center Management System automates the operations of a call center by giving replies to the customer’s queries. By adding more entries to the database store, the application can respond to more number of queries from thecustomers. The importance is given on giving correct reply to the input queries. 

Project ID : 101220111231011

Project Name : Call Center Management System

The project gets the queries from the various customers and stores themin a centralized data store. When there are number of queries the queries arestored up in a queue and then the queries are processed one by one. There areseparate blocks called data recognizer for recognizing the data, i.e. queries,and data interpreter for interpreting those queries. The input query from thecustomer is first recognized by the data recognizer by comparing with theentries in the data base store. In the database the solution for each and everyquery is stored and maintained. Then it is interpreted as what type of query itis and how it should respond to the query. The input query is compared with thequeries in the database store. The solution for the input query is founded. Theinformation service switch switches the application between different types ofdistributed services. The final result, the reply tothe customer’s query is obtained at the end.

Front End :

Back End : SQL server

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