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DVD Rental System

by Shiva Prasad


DVD Rental System

DVD Rental System is the software application developed for DVD Rent or buy Shop. Using this project the user can track customer details and renting details and inventory reports. The user can store album details, music details, movies list in this project. The rental cost automatically calculates in this system.

DVD Rental System

The project code is developed in VB.NET and its very easy to customize and Microsoft access driver is the back end of this project. It has 22 forms. The source code of this software is very simple and its very easy to modify. All main modules has add, edit, delete and view options. This system works in 4 steps. i.e; 1 – Rent Video, 2 – Return video, 3 – Generate Payment Report, 4 – Generate Rental Report. It will generate the billing reports to the customers.

Features of this software:

The following are some of the features of this project. All these features will make a very simple to run DVD shop.

Modules of this software:

The user must login to the software application by entering login id and password. The user needs to create lists of DVD before making rental and purchase. Only administrator can view daily, weekly and monthly report. Only administrators can add users in this project. Following are the module of this software-

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