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Maintenance Management System


This is the computerized Maintenance Management System for lab designed to improve the activities of service. Using this maintenance Management software user can report on new orders,  receipt of maintenance, and basic data entry process. This project also allows to user to request for maintenance service. This is developed using visual studio and SQL server is the backend to store records.

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System

Software requirements:

Front End: Visual Studio 2008

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 

Project modules: Mainly this project has 4 modules. The modules are as follows:

Project screenshots:

Login Page: User must login to the software by entering user name and password. Default user name is Jaber Omar Ali and password is 123.

Maintanance Management System login page

Main Page: This is the main page of the software. It appears after login.  In this page you can manage order details. This main page links to 3 sub forms i.e; Air-conditioning Maintenance, Electricity Maintenance, and Computer maintenance. Exit button will close the application.

Maintanance Management System

Download Source Code:

download source code

Note: No need to import or export database in this project because the database working in the sql express server. If you have any queries regarding this project kindly post your queries in the comment box. Our Technical people will help you to all your queries.