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Phone Book

by Shiva Prasad


Phone book

The objective of the software Phone Book is to provide a system which manages the contact details of all the people and also manages any occasion to be remembered as a remainder. The users job of saving the contact details can be simplified through this automated system. The Software to be produced is based on saving the contact details, e-mail details of a person and reminding the occasion in case of any important information saved for that particular day.


Firstly a page of keypad shown through where we can enter the number. As soon as we click on save, a new form is shown where we are supposed to enter the name and other details for that particular number. The user has the authority to modify any information and he also has the right to delete any contact details. Next he can search any contact information either entering the name or the number. For that particular name or number matching, a list of contact information will be displayed.

There is also an option called as remainder. Here the user can select the prescribed date and enter the name and the occasion for which he has to be reminded. If the system date and the prescribed date entered matches, then name and the occasion will be shown in the main form. All the information is saved carefully in the database.

Modules of the software:

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