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Send SMS in VB.NET


Send SMS in VB.NET

You can Send SMS in VB.NET code with the help of SMS API. In this site we provide SMS based projects for students. Here we started with VB.NET software which sends SMS to Indian numbers. We provide API, using this API you can send messages to mobile phones from Software application or Web application.

Application name: SMS Sender

Programming language: VB.NET 2012 / Visual 2012

Configure to Send SMS in VB.NET

string strUrl = “
Username:Password&senderID=mVaayoo&receipientno=919938277443&msgtxt=This is a test from SMS Provider API&state=4”;
WebRequest request = HttpWebRequest.Create(strUrl);
HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.EndGetResponse();
Stream s = (Stream)response.GetResponseStream();
StreamReader readStream = new StreamReader( s );
string dataString = readStream.ReadToEnd();

About SMS Sender:

Download link: Click the below link to download latest software. We frequently upgrade this software according to user requirements.

download link

Note: You have to subscribe SMS package from any SMS provider. The code syntax will change depending on SMS provider. Even to send international SMS you have subscribe with different package. There are two types of packages in Indian SMS.

We reselling SMS packages: We provide very cheap and best SMS packages. We selling Promotional, Transactional SMS packages. Kindly contact us at . We also provide demo or trial packages.

Promotional and Transactional: One is Promotional and another is transactional package. In the promotional package you can send SMS to any Non-DND numbers and in transactional packages you can send messages for dnd and non-dnd numbers. But in transactional you can send advertisements or any promotional message.