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Staff Data Management System


Staff Data Management System stores general and emergency contact information, salary details, performance report, reminders, etc. This project includes information system for managing the staff data within a small company or organization. Employee details and additional information can be extracted on single click in the Staff Data Management System. This project developed using VB.NET and SQL database.

Staff Data Management System

Its a menu driven system and all the record stores in SQL database. The administrator has full authority where he can add employees, and he can monitor employee details. Employees can modify their own profile. The system calculates monthly salary automatically. Managing leaves , sending leave request from employee is very simple in this system. Assigning task to the employees and scheduling task is easier in this system. Administrator can be viewed detailed datewise report, month wise report, employee wise report, etc.

The main features of this project are:

Advantage of this system: 

The main advantage of this system is for managers or administrators can view complete report with one click. Managing small companies and handling employees easier than before. It saves lots of times of employees and all the record can be viewed in the single system.

Software requirements:

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