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Manpower Management System


Manpower Management System

The Manpower Management System is the software application which provides information support for decision making in the organization. This project is an integrated system of man and machine for providing the information to support the operations, the management and the decision making function in the organization.

Project Title: 

Manpower Management System
Features of the system:

Software used to develop this project:

Front End: VB.NET

Back End: Oracle/SQL server 2000

Hardware requirements:

The Hierarchical Organization Information software has been modularized into following modules.

  1. Employee Creation
  2. Employee hierarchy
  3. Department entry/Department interdependency
  4. Live status
  5. Employee list enumeration
  6. Process details
  7. Job rotation
  8. Position Weight age based on Department wise, section wise
  9. Vacancies maintenance & process details

Download Project source code:

download project report