Windows Task Manager

Task Manager

Windows Task Manager displays the programs and processes that are currently running on your computer. Here we uploaded 32 bit or 64 bit Windows Task Manager Source code which displays Running applications, Processes,  and CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Process performance. This source code is developed using VB.NET 2008 and it works in VB.NET 2010 and VB.NET 2012. 

Project title: Windows Task Manager

Launguage Used to develop: VB.NET 2008


Applications Menu: The Applications menu will show you all running programs. If a program is no longer responding user can choose “End Task” option from the Task Manager.

Processes Menu: The Processes menu which displays a list of all the running processes that are on the computer.

Performance Menu: The Performance menu which displays CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Process performance. In this you can check Performance of the PC.

Windows Task Manager