Movies are one of the tricks most people have in this country. One goes to watch movies at leisure or on weekends. Often the risk that a customer could not get a film ticket on a given day due to the unavailability of the tickets. This happens anytime you have to go to the theaters manually to book tickets. What if there’s an application that can help you book movie tickets from online mode? Yeah, this can be achieved with the use of the movie ticket booking system. This application can allow users to boom tickets from anywhere and at any time. Tickets can also be charged via the online mode itself. This application could be late to include specifics of the availability of seats.

Android based Movie Ticket Booking System

Notifications of new or future releases of movies are still available. This can alert users about the new movies available in which theatres. You can search the movies in online mode. Quick reviews of the film in question are also available.

Information on the different available schedules can also be found here. Users can handle the timetable to get tickets quickly. Users will also book tickets in advance. This will assist in the reservation of seats for a specific film at a particular time. The following are some of the features underpinning the Movie Ticket Booking System android project:

  • Movie description
  • Seat availability
  • Movie prices
  • Movie ratings
  • Movie schedule



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