Android Civil administration is a procedure involving citizens in compliance with the laws set down by the state. But after the polls, people’s issues or grievances are ignored to the core. There will be no one in society to take care of the problems. The higher authority will not be informed of the same. So this application will make it easier for people to solve their simple amenities-related issues. It is therefore not possible to connect explicitly with higher authority. The Android Civil Administration Monitoring System is quickly built to make this job simpler. It would make the civil administration work smarter by using android phones. Since their election win, the issues are not shared by the public.

Android Civil Administration Reporting System

One has to wait a few hours to solve the dilemma. It allows the general public to lodge their grievances through this mechanism so that the higher authority involved can address the concerns immediately. In order for the civil administration to operate smoothly, there should be a clear understanding between the citizens and the higher authorities. Transparency is one of the key motivations for using this application between the public and the authorities. Notifications relating to the problems discussed are also available via this portal.




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