Railways are one of the modes of transport that people travel. Railway crossings are one of the crucial sections. The accidents take place at the railway crossings most of the time. It is important to take care of the railway crossings where most of the accidents occur. The manual controlling of railway gates present enables the train to pass and stop the vehicles passing. There are situations where accidents take place at the railway crossings due to misunderstandings about the train arrival. So it is important and necessary to have precise information about the arrival of the trains. Using this application the stopping of the vehicles arriving at the railway gates is automatically manageable. This can help in the savior of the life of the individuals.

This application can help in the reduction of Manpower involved in operating the lever to allow the vehicles to pass or stop. It is automatically handled easily with the help of this application. The mistakes that humans commit are easily solvable through the use of this application without any problem. The application is trustworthy to work on easily. The people can also rely on this application and get the notification about the railway crossings easily. This is one such application that is very useful to the people as well as the railway department in managing the work at the railway gates easier. It is one of the economical applications that the user can easily rely on and use without any worry.

Android Controlled Railway Crossing Gates





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  • chitty

    August 6, 2019 - 11:14 AM

    its good according to me

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