Android project – Arti Sangrah

Android project – Arti Sangrah

This is our first project in Android programming language. This project provides you Aartis of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It has the good collection of most popular stotras like Ganapathi Aarti, Shiva shankar Aarti, Devi Aarti, Navratri Aarti, Maha laxmi Aarti, Hanuman Aarti, Satya narayan Aarti, Shree Shani Aarti, Ramayan Aarti, Sai baba Aarti, Sri krishna Aarti and many more in Marati language. Download this Android project source code and apk files for free of cost.

Download project source code and apk file:

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Android project – Arti Sangrah

This app even works when you are offline. Use eclipse IDE to run this project. You can install ArtiSangrah.apk file in your mobile phone. It works fine in the mobile phone.

Project screenshot:

This is the main page of the project.

Arti Sangrah main page

When you click on any stotra it views stotra in other page.

Android project - Arti Sangrah

I hope you all like this app. We develop and upload more Android Projects in the following link –