The sticky notes are a built-in feature that most of us have seen in the windows operating system. If I ask you to remind me of a particular work after 10 days. Will you be able to remind me? The answer is NO. Every person in this world has his assignments and problems. Then why will he remind others to do their work? The option is to hire a personal assistant which is a little bit of a tedious job. The best option is to have the sticky notes Application installed on your android phone.

You can use this sticky note application as your assistant. It helps you to remember the personal work that you need to complete for the day. It also reminds you of the reminder that you had set for the particular day. It is one of the ultimate applications to create sticky notes and reminders on your Android phone. It helps you to store and simply organize the notes. Need to record an event, thoughts, and important meetings! A sticky note does it in a precise and well-organized way. You can create any number of notes and also change the color of the notes that you like. The reminder options provide functionality like reminding through alarms. You can use attractive themes for your Sticky notes Android application. You will be able to finish all the tasks that you have recorded in the sticky notes application without forgetting any one of them. So just develop your Sticky notes Android project and make the best use of it. Some of the features to be included in the Sticky notes Android project are as follows:

  • Easily organize the notes
  • User friendly
  • Cool themes
  • Import/Export notes
  • Share the tasks



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