CleanMe Anti Malware App

CleanMe hostile to malware application is meant to confirm your humanoid gadgets against infections, precarious applications, probably risky settings, and even from a felony. The pace of the utilization of humanoid cell phones has been enlarged dramatically high. This interest has intrigued the programmers a lot to provide vindictive applications and therefore to require knowledge. Their area unit parcels personal records and data, for example, pictures, contacts, messages and Mastercard numbers on your cellular phone. Security to those records is important.

This application takes security to the subsequent level. Keep others from concealed around on your personal pictures, messages, and archives by lockup any of your applications with a 1 of sort PIN code. This App offers completely different filtering alternatives, as an example, Full Scan, Scan hand-picked Apps, and Scan Memory Card so on The Background Scan runs quietly while not meddling with the standard quality of our phone and what is more shows vital warnings that need to be thought. This application for humanoid in addition forestalls your cellular phone or pill from spilling protection delicate knowledge by suggests that of Wi-Fi organizations.


Runs a quick output on your gizmo at your solicitation. Likewise permits you to arrange an Associate in Nursing infection check throughout an amount that’s advantageous.

Presentations vital notices that need your thought.

Squares irresistible sites and ensures you against phishing assaults.

The application is steady and productive.

Task Category: Mobile application

Equipment and software package prerequisites:

The venture is made in Java programming language by mistreatment the Eclipse coordinated Development setting (IDE). humanoid software package Development Toolkit (SDK) id used, which contains Associate in Nursing assortment of custom instruments that facilitate the U.S.A. in making versatile applications on the humanoid stage. the foremost vital of that area unit the humanoid individual and also the humanoid Development Tools (ADT) infix for Eclipse.

Programming wants

Java 1.6 runtime

coordinated advancement Toolkit

Android Development Tools (ADT) infix for Eclipse

Android individual

Innovation: j2me


We can’t underestimate our cellular phone security. we have a tendency to utilize my versatility to try and do nearly everything, as it’s vital for the U.S.A. to possess one thing that monitors the phone info nonstop. CleanMe against malware application is a perfect application that completely goes concerning as a watcher to confirm humanoid phone to any or all things thought of insurance. This application frequently alarms concerning defective cycles and provides the U.S.A. a suspicion that everyone is well and sensible on the most effective thanks to approaching ensuring concerning the phone info. This application guards U.S.A. is on-line by shielding the versatile from electronic assaults.





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