Keep in contact – Smart Messenger, we agree that all others will pay tribute is that the advising application has evolved exceptionally for the android process for communication between two customers or customer gathering. Right now, in this application, the communication uses TCP. To store the client data, a MySQL data set is used as a spine.

Advanced cells, for instance, smartphones with android stage programming, are commonly used everywhere in the world these days. This was largely due to the highlights of the Android process, such as high device adaptability, fair cost, fantastic toughness, and easy to understand in working with, and so on. The interest in uses generated in the Android phase is therefore growing.

Even though countless offices are provided by a mobile phone, its basic usage is to establish communication between two customers. Youthful people who comprise undergraduates are a large proportion of these customers. Also, configuration communications should be rational, humble, and assured. Mobile phones are often designed for video/picture/text transfers, getting to the Internet, despite filling in as a telephone device.

Venture Title: Keep in Touch – Smart Messenger


  • This helps the office to deliver an instant message at an identical time to multiple customers.
  • You can send written texts, photographs, and recordings as messages using this program.
  • The program displays the state of a device on the web or disconnected.
  • Since the application highlights data packaging, the charge for web use is reduced.
  • And in modest web partnerships, the program functions.
  • Class Venture: Smartphone Application

Equipment and Software prerequisites:

Using the Eclipse coordinated development environment, the venture is produced in the Java programming language (IDE). Use the Android Software Development Toolkit (SDK) id, which includes a variety of custom devices that help us build flexible Android-based applications. The Android Simulator and the Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in for Eclipse are the most important of these.

Programming prerequisites

  • Java 1.6 runtime
  • coordinated advancement Toolkit
  • Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for Eclipse
  • Android Emulator
  • Innovation: j2mePHP
  • Information base: MySQL/Sqlite


The need for another and certifiable android framework is expanding due to the evolving use of android stage programming phones. Since web-based visiting is the most commonly accepted correspondence form for the present world, as seen in this article, this Android-based Smart Messenger application appears to have a great degree and future.





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