It is important to use the paper regularly to get details on the most recent developments around the planet. Yet, alas, we can skip those changes due to a busy work schedule. You will browse all the most recent news headlines at your fingertips with the Onetouch News Feed software. The basic partnerships of GPRS uphold the survey of your nearby paper number one on your smartphone itself. The program refreshes data in an arranged way from different sources.

 Onetouch News Feed 

Cell phone gadgets facilitate the universal automaton operating framework area unit. Even filling in as a telephone gismo, the area unit of cell phones often fits to enter the network and perform refined programming applications. The interest in uses produced in the automaton process is therefore increasing.

Keep invigorated on legislative matters, industry, creativity, sports, live cricket score, and more for the Asian nation and the world with breaking news, latest events, and day-by-day news choices. This means it’s clearly simple to search, sort, and stroke away news sources from golf.

Venture Title: Onetouch News Feed


  • Peruse articles from the public as well as indigenous papers
  • A redone note is sent on each change of the feed.
  • Auto-update all-new platforms for news
  • Give news you have implemented via SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, or another application
  • In fact, it can be tailored to whatever type of knowledge you are interested in and it presents it in an especially participatory configuration.
  • Class of Undertaking: Smartphone Application

Equipment and code prerequisites:

The enterprise is rendered in the Java programming language by mistreating the environment of development integrated by the Eclipse (IDE). Used the automaton code Development Toolkit (SDK) id, which contains several custom instruments that make it easy for the U.S. to make versatile applications on the automaton level. The automaton entity and even the automaton Creation Tools (ADT) insert for Eclipse are of primary importance for certain area units.

  • Java 1.6 runtime
  • coordinated advancement Toolkit
  • Android Development Tools (ADT) insert for Eclipse
  • Android individual


The program “One-bit news channel” gives you easy access to the news during the day and keeps you invigorated. It includes the present developments of the country inside and out of the present. The need for another certifiable automaton framework is growing due to the advancement of the use of automaton stage programming for mobile phones. This program can be just as it promises and even includes another beneficial spotlight.





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