Fast SHARE application has helpful alternatives for clients to share documents across various stages, including their phones, tablets, and so forth Cell phones are the most solid correspondence devices on the planet, as clear from the steadily expanding number of models that are delivered into the market. On the off chance that we need send huge records, for example, films, pictures, melodies, reports starting with one gadget then onto the next without utilizing your web information at that point sharing documents by means of direct association or Bluetooth is a bad dream.

Sure you can divide information among two Android gadgets, however, shouldn’t something be said about when your companions convey an iPhone or Windows Phone QUICK SHARE application will finish moving records between gadgets in a flash! It utilizes Wi-Fi direct idea or Wi-Fi hotspot to move records b/w gadgets. It really makes a worker of records for example your gadget and the organization for example Wi-Fi hotspot or direct.  And since there is no information association required it utilizes the maximum speed of your Wi-Fi. Indeed, even it offers the choice to share any estimate or sort of documents without web as well. It can share practically any kind of record you need to – envelope, weighty report, music, pictures, recordings, and substantially more.


Offer enormous documents without web

No USB! No information utilization! No Bluetooth required!

Offer documents across different stages

Venture Category: Mobile application


Sending records over the Internet frequently takes excessively long and moving them by means of direct association is a bad dream of inconsistency. Telephone Phone information trading is the most well known among all the kinds of information move. With the assistance of the QUICK SHARE application you can move records from telephone to telephone, telephone to PC, PC to telephone, and PC to PC. It simply requires a few moments to move an immense measure of information starting with one gadget then onto the next. Keep in mind, it has No greatest document size information limitation. This application for sure gives you an edge between your associates and companions.





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    how can i get the code. i allredy cheeked the link?

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