The documents are sharable between the teachers and students using the student-faculty document sharing application. Many of the college students get the hard copy of the notes required just the previous day of the examination. It is a well-known fact that all college students do. Since technology is improving day by day then why not use this technology in a well-versed way? Usually, the faculties share the documents through some hard copies and rarely through the soft copies. To overcome all these problems, the student-faculty document sharing application can be developed.

Student Faculty Document Sharing Application

Student Faculty Document Sharing Application

You may see a huge rush in the xerox centers just before the previous day of the examination. It is due to the notes that they get from the faculties just before the previous day of the exam. The student-faculty document sharing Android application will help in solving these problems. Using this application, the students need to just download the documents that are shared by the faculties. It is easy for the faculties to upload the documents since they do it through PC. The students can download the documents of the particular semester that they need. The students must be given a separate login id to download the documents that they require. The physical work is easily reducible since the uploading of the documents by the faculties is easier.



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