Budget Approval System

Budget approval system

Budget Approval System is pointed toward building up a framework by which the representatives in the Organizations present the bills to the administrators by transferring the checked pictures of the bills alongside the solicitation to bosses. The bills that are submitted can be of different kinds and may contain different sums. The worker in an association presents the bill alongside the administrator’s name to which the bill is to be submitted. The bill will go through a work process measure and the representative who is presenting the bill can see the status of the bill that is submitted whenever. The status of the bill can be suggested to the concerned worker with an SMS for each 24hrs. Additionally, the subtleties of the past records can be seen by bar graphs.

The framework likewise produces the compensation slips to the worker of an association. Programmed estimation of the Gross compensation and the derivation of Income duty can be performed while producing the compensation slip.

The System likewise points to building up the framework by which the representatives in the association can present the reports about breaking down of the gadgets or absence of assets in the association to their directors alongside the assessment of the cost of the gadgets needed in the association.




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