Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System

This Real Estate Management System is the software application developed for real estate companies. Now a days most real estate companies are still using traditional way to manage data through books or file systems(excel sheets). This project aims at developing an efficient info management system for real estate industry, client management and maintaining the property listings. In this project we have implemented many features like entry/search, match, property manager and reports Generation based on clients requirement.

Download Source Code:

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Mobile healthcare system

Mobile Healthcare System

According to the research the mobile technologies are increasingly growing in India and all over the world. Our Project is the Mobile healthcare system is the mobile based health care system which consists of a number of mobile devices and sensors attached to a patient. This system provides a complete end-to-end platform for patient monitoring. The mobile  sensor network will assemble data and it will send to the hospital or healthcare center for monitoring.  Read more about Mobile healthcare system

Spare Parts Management System

Spare Parts Inventory System

Spare Parts Management System

We have developed a software application for Spare Parts Inventory System in order to overcome drawbacks of traditional Store Management System. Here the software maintains all the transaction of the business. It’s a complete Inventory software and Accounting system. This application will track each and every transaction that needed to store and manage Different Parts. C#.NET Language and Microsoft Access used Crystal report used to generate billing reports, accounting reports, etc. Read more about Spare Parts Inventory System

Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases

Backup and Restore SQL Server Databases

Back Up and Restore of SQL Server DatabasesSometimes, developers need to Backup and Restore SQL Server Databases. The SQL Server backup and restore component which provides an essential safeguard for protecting your SQL Server databases. To minimize the risk of data loss, you need to back up your SQL databases. The following video tutorial explains you the backing up and restoration of your Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  The examples are from MS SQL Server 2008 however it applies to MS SQL Server 2000 and MS SQL Server 2005.

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