Multilingual Website

A multilingual website is a website that offers content in more than one language. A project which is developed to create a website which supports different types of languages is called Multi-Lingual Website. The default language of this website is English and it supports other languages; Hindi, Kannada, etc. It provides to options to easily connect with customers and clients in their own languages.

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Online Examination System PPT Presentation

Online examination system ppt presentation

Here we uploaded Online Examination System PPT Presentation. This online examination system developed using PHP and MySQL. This powerpoint presentation contains introduction of the online examination system, purpose, scope, user characteristics, modules explanation, user characteristics, limitations, dfd and cfd’s, er diagram, database design, test cases and project screenshots.

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Electronic Ticket Machine

The aim of Electronic Ticket Machine is to develop a system of improved facilities. The Electronic Ticket Machine system can overcome all the limitations of the existing system. The Electronic Ticket Machine provides proper security and reduces the manual work. The existing system of Electronic Ticket Machine has several disadvantages and many more difficulties to work well. The proposed system tries to eliminate or reduce these difficulties up to some extent. The proposed system will help the user to reduce the workload and mental conflict. The proposed system helps the user to work user friendly and he can easily do his jobs without time lagging. Read more about Electronic Ticket Machine