Student Management System Synopsis

A Student Management System (SMS) is intended to help montages for the executives of dental understudy. Broad data is accessible readily available through this System. Review understudy information, overseeing confirmation and reshuffling, overseeing seats, share, board, semester, personnel, classification, and for assessment,…

Courier Management System

In this system first of all consignors placed their consignments like covers, documents, nondocuments etc. to the officer of the courier branch. Here this branch acts as a source branch. Then the branch officer prepares the consignment note. Courier Management Software The…

Online Air Ticket Booking System

Online air ticketing  is unique concept. The idea behind this site is to make possible to book an airline ticket from ones home through internet. The administrator of the site can add new flights, new destination, alter fares, manage user etc.The user can check flight timings, book a ticket, cancel a ticket etc.


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