Hostel Management System in PHP

Hostel Management System in PHP

HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN PHP A framework for managing the various activities in the hostel is the Hostel Management System. It is used for managing the hostel’s data. This manages student numbers, space data, room allocation records, fee details, bill mess details,…

Budget Approval System Project Report

CONTENTS LIST OF FIGURES  LIST OF TABLES    LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Current Scenario 1.2 Problem Definition 1.3 Proposed Solution 1.4 Features of the system 1.5 Scope CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE SURVEY 2.1 Fiscal disbursement 2.2 Root namespace 2.3 Process 2.4…

Shopping Website with Payment Gateway

This overall online shopping web page program will help several individuals who need to sell their goods on the web. This is a general point. Every money manager will be able to redo this program as indicated by their need. So it helps several individuals to sell their items online through their own website.

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