Online Mobile Shopping

Online Mobile Shopping project is aimed at developing a Web application that depicts online Shopping of mobiles and purchasing using Payment Gateway. Using this software, companies can improve the efficiency of their services. Online Shopping is one of the applications to improve the marketing of the company’s products. This web application involves all the features of the online shopping.

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Crime Information Management System

Crime File Management System

Crime Information Management System (CIMS) allows user to store police department’s case details, Complaint Details, FIR Details, etc. This Software Package allows Police Departments to store all the details related to the department and use them whenever necessary. This project will also be able to provide reports of various cases, FIR report, charge sheet report, Most Wanted Criminals record, payroll, attendance reports and also be able to upload and view criminal photos and scanned documents. Read more about Crime Information Management System

I want solution for this qouestion

hello ,,,,,

i want help me ,,,,,i want soolution for this qouestion ,,
consider the ER digram of figure 3.20 which shows a simplified schema
for an airline reservation system,Extaract from the ER
digram the requirements and constraints that product this schema ,
Try to be as precies as posible in your requirements
and constraints specification,

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-Sama’a Qudah


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Sales and Inventory Management System

Sales and Inventory Management System software is intended to collect, maintain and update all the information about the shop.

This software has been developed using VB.NET as front-end language and SQL server as back-end language which is supported by Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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