Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System is an easy way to keep track of attendance for school activities, church groups, and community organizations. Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime. Attendance control has traditionally been approached using Time clocks,Timesheets, and Time tracking software, but attendance management goes beyondthis to provide a working environment, which maximizes and motivates employee attendance.

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Advertisement Management system

The project Advertisement Management system is used for maintaining the advertisement for each and every customer who has providing advertisement to the company. Each and every customer has own advertisement. Before providing schedule to the customer the administrator gets the full information about the customer meanwhile the employee details are also maintained here. Employee maintaining the advertisement according to the customer. Read more about Advertisement Management system

College Management System

Front end is VB.Net and back end is Microsoft SQL Server. Handling this study center /school /college very well, is a very tedious task to manage. The data on registers or maintain the database manually. Therefore, the College Management System software is provided for you. It is errorless and appropriate version. It is the computerized system to manage the data of study center/school/college. Read more about College Management System

Spare Parts Management System

Spare parts management system

Spare parts inventory management system

Spare Parts Management System plays an important role in achieving the desired plant availability at an optimum cost. Spare Parts Management System (SMS) is a complete inventory control and accounting system. Front end is Visual Studio 2005 and Back End is Microsoft Access.  It has All kind of accounting reports, cash control, employees, customers, vendors management. I used Crystal Report. It is opensource project.