Net Authentication System

Net Authentication System

Net Authentication System

This project use to develop a software, which manages and controls the activity of students by Net authentication SystemĀ and this software is developed mainly concentrating on department Browsing center. The principal use of our application is to control unauthorized users and some sites restrictions. This is willing to give more security for accessing and browsing internet. This software mainly consists two parts which are Server side and Client side.

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Analog Clock using VB.NET

Analog Clock using VB.NETHere we created Analog Clock using VB.NETĀ coding. This isĀ theĀ mini student project and you can learn some coding techniques in this project. this analog clock works in Visual studio 2008 version or Visual Studio 2012 version.Ā No database required to created this analog clock.Ā This mini project created in single formĀ , 12 labels , 3 shapes, and 2 timers used to develop this project code.

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