College Management System in visual basic 6.0

The project College Management System developed using visual basic 6.0 and Oracle database. The clerk of the college filling the Admission Details. The masters information consist of storing the details of course available, the subject of particular course, the teacher information, the holiday information, etc. Attendance entries consist of two main aspects which are, Student Attendance and Teacher Attendance. The marks entry process is used to store the information of marks of different test that area taken during the whole year. The purchase details is used to give the details of purchase. Report module generates student report, teachers report, marks report, attendance report, purchase report, etc

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Gas Agency Management System

Gas Agency Management System

Main aim of Gas Agency Management System project is to create a computerized system for billing and maintaining stock and to increase the efficiency of manual process. Customers will make phone call to the Gas Agencies and give order request then gas agencies will deliver the gas cylinders to their address based on their demand and previous delivery date. The customer’s name, address and stock details are stored in a database. A customer’s order for gas cylinder can be accepted only after completing a certain period from the previous delivery. This makes billing for customer is easier and based on the customer’s database calculation of bill to the customer is done.

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Courier Management System

In this system first of all consignors placed their consignments like covers, documents, nondocuments etc. to the officer of the courier branch. Here this branch acts as a source branch. Then the branch officer prepares the consignment note. Courier Management Software The…