Institute Management System

The main objective to develop the project is to make the Computer Institute Management System simple and to provide user-friendly access of this program to all the staff members and students of the Institute so that they can locate and reply the queries concerned to them. 
This Software provides a user-friendly interface for the user and it reduces the data redundancy. Centralized information is available which can be accessed by number of users.  Read more about Institute Management System
Hostel Management System in Visual Basic

Hostel Management System in Visual Basic

This Hostel Management System is a student project developed by Diploma students to manage all activities related to a hostel. Mainly this maintains hostel records of the students and it helps hostel warden to save the records of the students about their rooms, billing details, mess bill and other things. Also it helps to find the record of the students, manages multiple hostels and room allotment details and the information of about who had left the hostel three years before. Even it offers variety of reports. This is the software application project developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access Driver.
Hostel Management System in Visual Basic 6.0

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