Android circuit breaker is a project designed to avoid the short circuits that take place. Electricity is the most important factor that is essential for carrying out day-to-day activities. It is useful and as well as a dangerous factor. A short circuit is one of the most common types of electric hazards that take place in and around the world. What if there is an application that helps avoid such hazards? Yes, it is possible through the use of the android circuit breaker project. It helps in protecting the electric circuits. It is easily manageable through the use of an android application. The electric circuits can play a role in providing electricity and through which the electricity is easily suppliable. It can also dangerous

Android Circuit Breaker

when there is some overflow of current in such circuits. So some remedies before any loss of lives are essential. That remedy can be the use of this application.

The following are some of the highlights if his g this Android circuit breaker application:

  • Avoid short circuits: The short circuits are easily avoidable through this application in just one mouse click.
  • Saves life: This application can play a major role in saving the lives of a lot of individuals during the short circuits.
  • Ease to use: This application is easily understandable with a user interface to manage the electric circuits.
  • Switch off circuits: One can easily switch off the electric circuits if there is something wrong observable in the electric circuits.

The short circuits can take place at the home, office, or in industries. Just with the help of this project, it is easily avoidable. The primary goal of this application is saving the lives of individuals at the time of hazards. The lineman is the person who works on the electric circuits in the street lights. The death of the linemen may occur in some situations due to the miscommunication about the electric current overflow in the circuits takes place.  This can be easily avoidable by just switching the electric circuits through this application. This is one of the most beneficial applications for people. The life of an individual plays a major role in these kinds of applications. If anything fishy found in the electric circuits break the circuit through this application. The people can benefit a lot from this project as the lives of the people are not lost.




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