Android Circuit Breaker is a project intended to discourage short circuits from happening. Electricity is the most critical element required to carry out day-to-day operations. It is both a helpful and a harmful element. A short circuit is one of the most frequent forms of electrical hazards that occur in and around the world. What if there is an algorithm that allows preventing those hazards? Yeah, this is possible with the use of the android circuit breaker project. It helps to secure electrical circuits. It’s easy to handle with the use of an Android program. Electric circuits can play a part in the provision of power and can quickly provide energy. It may also be harmful

Android Circuit Breaker

When there is a certain overflow of current in such circuits. Any therapies are therefore necessary before any loss of life. The use of this program can be the solution.

The below are some of the highlights of this Android circuit breaker application:

  • Avoid short circuits: short circuits can be conveniently avoided with this program with just one click of the mouse.
  • Save a life: this initiative would have a crucial role to play in saving the lives of a lot of people on short circuits.
  • Simple to use: this program is readily interpreted through a user interface to control electrical circuits.
  • Switch off circuits: the electrical circuits can be turned off quickly if there is anything odd to observe in the electrical circuits.

Short circuits can take place in the home, workplace, or industry. It’s easy to escape with the aid of this project. The main purpose of this application is to save the life of people at a moment of danger. Lineman is the guy who works on electrical circuits in street lights. Death of liners can occur in certain circumstances due to miscommunication of the electrical current overflow in the circuits. This can be conveniently stopped by merely flipping the electrical circuits with this application. This is one of the most beneficial people’s applications. The life of a person plays a vital role in this form of application. If something fishy is detected in electrical circuits, sever the circuit with this application. People will profit a lot from this initiative and people’s lives are not lost.




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