As the name suggests, the password-based remote door system is a project that allows the users to open the doors based on the passwords. House robbery is one of the common types of thefts that most people experience. It can also result in the death of the individuals during the thefts. So the houses, offices of industries must be secured enough from any kind of such thefts. It is easily possible through the use of this password-based remote door system. This system can allow the owner to enter the password and then only open the door. The passwords that the owners use should be unique enough so that it will be difficult to guess. The security password plays a role in this application.

Password based Remote door system

The owner must maintain privacy about the password used to open the door using this system. The facts about using this password-based remote door system is as follows:

  • Security: Security is the prime factor that is taken care of in this password-based

remote door system.

  • Passwords: Through the use of unique passwords that the owner enters, the doors are easily openable.
  • Avoid thefts: This system can help in avoidance of thefts that occurs in the houses,


industries, or offices where the thieves enter through the doors.

  • Unknown Strangers: This system can also help in avoiding the visit of unknown

strangers to the houses, industries, or offices.

This is the system that takes care of the security of the houses. The houses must be secured when the owners are not in the house. There are situations where the thieves enter the house even if there are security guards. In such situations, it can notify the owners about the entrance of the strangers into the house. The locking and unlocking of the doors by the owners are easily manageable through the use of these unique passwords entered easily. This can be one of the best ways to provide the utmost security to the houses using an android phone. The owners can enter the password by sitting in remote places and open the door. The owner can even see who is at the door and trying to open it. If unknown strangers are trying to open the door, then the owner can call the police. So this can help in the savior of one’s life.



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