The idea of creating a GSM-based remote control and billing scheme is to provide support for modern post-paid meters, centrally controlled by GSM-based SMS, with dual digital displays, LEDs, and digital displays. This application also offers a consumer service, such as online paying of bills.


GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System

It is especially important to emerging and underdeveloped countries where such a post-payment approach could be attractive. It will address all the regular business problems that occur in the management and maintenance of services that use the post-payment system. Our current system only provides contact through SMS messages. Later, if we like, we will use emails and so on for contact.

Project Title: GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing

Software Requirements :

Programming Language:         Java

Web Applications:                   JDBC, JNDI, STRUTS

Database:                                Oracle/Access

Server Deployment:                WebShpere/Tomcat


It offers a benefit and supports the idea of e-governance in electrical reading and metering. Our framework provides the consumer with reliable usage statistics. It’s both transparent and correct billing. It alerts itself when it’s out of operation. It has easier and quicker customer support.

Oracle Video Tutorial:




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